Saturday, 11 July 2015


I hope you're enjoying my uploads so far.  I will be posting tutorials of my own makes soon, I've tried many, many crafts and would like to share any useful information I find on each project. My main focus at the moment is to upload things I love and have found helpful in the past.  I am currently designing a crochet pattern for some beautiful crochet beach shorts and will upload it for sale in my Etsy when it's finished.  Hope you have fun, and check back often, I've lots more to add :o)

Crochet Stitch Bible

Tom & Jerry Dolls

Ondori - Crochet Motifs

Birthday Card

Apple Cosy


Peanut Stitch Chart for Shawls and Throws

Granny Square Blanket

One of my makes, colours inspired by the place I live.

Butterfly Necklace

I love these.  I have tried, not yet successfully, to make one of these.  My printer struggles to print on the fabric in such rich tones.  One day... 

Painting Stone & Pebbles 2

Painting Stones & Pebbles

Crochet Trim

Masquerade Mask

Silky Slip Pattern

The Art of Pastel

Friday, 10 July 2015

Cute Bird Cage

Crochet Table Cloth

Over 25 Crochet Edgeing

Lace Crochet Trim

Toy Patterns

Some lovely butterfly images, I made my own set of decoupage drawer knobs with these.  Use the cheapest wooden knobs, I painted mine with white acrylic paint.  Print and cut images to size, glue the images on using Mod Podge, give 2 or three coats of Mod Podge, lightly sand the edges to blend in, you're good to go.

30 Patterns for babies and toddlers

Baby Layette

Fluffy Cushions

Hot Water Bottle Cover

Sirdar Cardigan